Summer Bible Camp – Aug. 9-12

August 9–12, 2021

Click the following link to download or print the Mission Log for Wednesday night:   Mission Log Wednesday 2021

Dear Parents and Children,

I want to personally invite all children, ages 4 to 12, to attend the most exciting Vacation Bible School in Wentworth at the Baker River Bible Church during the week of August 9-12  No child will want to miss this exciting “Mission to Mars.”   VBS “blasts-off” Monday night from 6:30-8:00  PM and continues Tuesday-Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  No pre-registration necessary!     

If your child likes puppets, he or she will not be disappointed.  Our “Mission to Mars” Team will tell of their adventure to Mars and our big blue “monster,” Otis,  will help teach the kids some important lessons.

During the week, the kids will also be competing in our “Mission to Mars” Contest.  They will collect special punches on their Score Card and earn points for their team, either the SURVEYORS or the PATHFINDERS.  Each child also will be able to earn gifts at the Mission Control.  Each child will also build his or her own real model Rocket to blast off on Thursday Night.  Everything is FREE.

But most importantly, special Bible Stories will be told with the help of our BIG Screen Bible-Vision Machine.  There will be special stories about the lives of your favorite Bible characters.   

And don’t forget refreshments!  There will be a special treats (like Rocket Pops, Mars Cakes, and Moon Pies)  each night.

Finally, all parents, friends, and relatives are invited to the Commencement Night Program on  Thursday night at 6:30 PM to take part in all of the puppets, songs, and adventures they have experienced.  There will be a special Power Point Picture Slide Show showing your children’s excitement as we review the week.  Special refreshments will be served and all of the rockets will BLASTOFF after the program, too.

All in all, this can and will be a special week for each child in the Plymouth area.  Parents, would you allow us to have the privilege of ministering to your child this week?  See you there! Call Grace Baptist Church at 530-2866 if you have any questions.