Mission Statement

We exist as a church to glorify God by leading people to an individual passion to know God through His Word, and  a corporate effort to make Him known in His world.


Having been led by the Spirit of God to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and to confess Him as Lord, and having been baptized in His name into His body, we most solemnly and joyfully covenant with one another, as one body in Christ:

  •  To Cultivate a Spirit of Knowledge by:
    • Rightly handling the Word of Truth, knowing that by this God has given Himself to us, and by this we stand to be approved.
    • Growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, earnestly studying to know Him of whom the Scriptures speak.
    • Recounting His presence as we share in His suffering, realizing the power of His resurrection as we await His imminent return.
  • To Cultivate a Spirit of Passion by:
    • Observing regular worship privately and corporately.
    • Walking worthy of our Lord, routinely forsaking the ways of sin to wholly pursue both His pleasure and His glory.
    • Refusing to complain, pointing people to Jesus Christ by exemplifying faith in grateful praise.
  • To Cultivate a Spirit of Unity by:
    • Striving to maintain one mind, one spirit and one accord by pursuing right doctrine, right affections and right habits.
    • Observing common courtesy while nurturing Christian sympathy, refusing to ignore those who are hurting, to envy those who are exalted or to slander those who have fallen.
    • Confronting and confessing our faults to one another, administering truth with gentleness, and welcoming accountability with humility.
    • Being slow to take offense, while seeking reconciliation without delay
      Opening our homes to Christian fellowship and our hearts to Christ-like intercession.
  • To Cultivate a Spirit of Responsibility by:
    • Monitoring our growth in Christian discipleship – denying self, taking up our cross daily, and following our Lord’s example of walking in the Spirit.
    • Requiring obedience to define the limits of our comfort rather than allowing our comfort to define the limits of our obedience.
    • Doing our best in all we do to glorify God and to benefit others.
    • Moreover, when removed from here, we will unite with other believers where we can carry out the principles of God’s Word in the spirit of this covenant.

Church family in front of Senior Center