Revival Services with Barry Webb

May 15–20, 2016

We are excited to have the Barry Webb Evangelistic Team with us Sunday through Friday, May 15-20, at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center.  On Sunday, May 15, Barry will help us celebrate our 5th Anniversary.  A combined Sunday School ministry will begin at 1:30 PM, followed by our special 5th Anniversary Service at 2:30 PM.  Justin and Amy Weberg, the founding pastor and his wife, will be our special guests along with his congregation from Colebrook, NH.  The city of Plymouth officials have also been invited to help us celebrate God’s goodness in the founding of Grace Baptist Church of Plymouth.  Barry will preach and he and his wife, Cheryl, will provide special music and Cheryl will minister to the children during the preaching.  After the service, all attendees will be  treated to a special 5th Anniversary Fellowship banquet.  A special PowerPoint slide presentation will be shown highlighting the past 5 years of Grace Baptist Church. Following the meal, at 5 PM Barry will present a special puppet ministry and preach.  The services will continue Monday-Friday at the Senior Center at 7 PM.  There will be special chalk drawings, music ministries, and more puppets for the kids.
The Webbs are a family evangelistic team based near Cumberland, Maryland. Barry is the son of a well-known evangelist, Dr. Hal Webb. Cheryl is the daughter of Pastor Clifford Proper, who pastors a Baptist church in Elmira, NY. Together they make up a very unusual evangelistic team. The Webbs have a variety of talents. First, they are accomplished musicians. In their meetings they sing solos and duets. Cheryl is an excellent pianist. Barry plays the trombone as well as the euphonium, bass trumpet, and flugabone horns. Barry is also a ventriloquist and has had over thirty-five years of experience in the field of puppetry. He does all of the voices for the twenty puppets that travel with the team in their puppet castle stage. Some nights Barry will draw a chalk art picture, complete with background music, a dramatized story, and colored and black light effects. Mrs. Webb conducts a nightly children’s Bible hour during the preaching time. There the children enjoy learning about the Bible through songs, verses, Bible stories, and puppets. All of their talents work together to point to the most important facet of their ministry, the preaching of the Bible, God’s Word. With all of these different ministries, there is surely something for everyone, young and old. The ministry of the Webbs will certainly bless and appeal to your whole family!